Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Hunting Edition

The hunters are out there. 

The Brick and Daughter #2 left for Taylor Park this morning. They'd planned on heading out Saturday morning -- but during Keith's birthday supper Thursday night, he and Daughter #1 gave us all an extra gift: the flu. The Brick dragged himself to work on Friday, then spent the next few days shivering and trying to get warm. He finally started to feel better, albeit very tired, last night. 
     Daughter #2 came out of it faster...but she didn't feel that great, either. I seem to be teetering on the edge, but so far am staying inside the bowl
      They'll be gone all week. 
      Keith got a doe with bow and arrow this past weekend, and snagged a roadkill buck, which the DOW (Department of Wildlife) okayed. Daughter #2 and Keith (yes, them of the Bigfoot Incident)  will have lots of meat, even if she doesn't get anything. I'm hoping, though, they will.
     I get to stay home, work on elections...and let the chickens in and out. Maybe even get some writing done - who knows. Meanwhile:

Caryl Bryer Fallert's fooling around with some new ideas in her quilts... some fishy ones!   (This one's called "Aquarium #2."

People overlooked by history...including a former Beatle, and the man who invented television.

Number concepts that can help you save. (From  yours truly, via Midlife Finance) Also, from same:

When it's okay to be in debt.

The desperate need to be accurate, when you're a reporter or editor. Or regular person, I might add. You can make some really stupid decisions, based on faulty information.

A Union Jack for a former toybox?  Clean painted straight stripes with minimum fuss, too. (From Nicer Than New)

Ten perplexing mysteries that have finally been solved! Or at least, they're on the way...including a lot of unanswered questions about the Franklin expedition.

Credit card 'churning' it for you?  (From Mr. Money Mustache)

French bread taco pizza. Four other fall recipes, too.  Drool. (From Betty Crocker)

Quotes from Jennifer Garner. Finally - an actress who sounds like a real person, instead of a Paragon. Moms and working girls, take special note.

Have a wonderful week.

Quick, hide -- they're coming!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Are YOU Happy?!

It has not been a fun week.

Not only did Daughter #1 and Daughter #2's boyfriend get skunked hunting...they got caught in a blizzard or two, and brought home the flu.

As Daughter #2 pointed out, "I'm worried that the Bobbsey Twins got me sick from their little hunting adventure."
    They definitely shared more than stories. Not only is Daughter2 feeling crappy, but the Brick is congested and feverish. And I think I may be getting it, as well. But right now I need to take care of the invalids -- so I'm not sick. No, I'm not sick.

This whole thing about the Bobbsey Twins is funny -- but I can't laugh in front of Daughter #1 and Keith...they still feel miserable, too. Poor things. 

Ah well.

I'm still happy -- or at least I enjoy listening to Pharrell talk about it.

Weird Al Yankovic's version, "Tacky," is almost as good -- and perfect for those strange moments when you're wondering what hit you.

     Like the flu.

  (Look for the cameo from Jack Black, just before Al finishes everything up.)

The hunters (the Brick and Daughter #2) leave tomorrow morning. Keith goes out, too...but Daughter #1 may be the smartest one of all -- she's just staying in bed.
     Maybe after the hunters head out, I can get some rest.

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Giveaway!

Daughter Angel has a wonderful Etsy shop selling rock and gem specimens. Phenomenal Gems has any number of beautiful pieces, for use in display and jewelry. Take a look here.

It's an even better time to look, now she's sponsoring a giveaway! Two specimens plus a $20 gift certificate will go to a lucky person...all you have to do, to be in the running, is sign up. Ends Oct. 31st.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Do You Know An Encourager?

Thanks, Dilbert...the Brick found this. (So engineer-y of him.)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Not Under, But Over -- WAY Over

Well, they sold.

Queen Victoria's hefty-sized bloomers and chemise were valued at 2000 pounds before their auction on Oct. 12.

They sold, instead, for nearly 7500 pounds -- that's nearly $12,000 for you Yanks out there! (And I'm guessing that doesn't include the auctioneer's percentage of the take, either.)

A pair of stockings, valued at 500 pounds pre-auction, went for 1300 pounds.


More here, if you're interested. This is more than the set sold for in 2012...about 360 pounds. Then again, that was just bloomers. Yes, I wrote about it back in 2012, but can I find the exact post? Nooooo....

Anyone else have the Queen's underwear laying around? You could be sitting on a bonanza.

                                                       Her Majesty is NOT amused.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: It Really Is Autumn

As in sloppy, cold, trying-not-to-get-depressed Fall. Although we've had snow (the mountains got it  more), we never got a killing frost. That's supposed to happen tonight. 
    The Brick and both girlies are headed out hunting this coming weekend, but we have nine hundred bazillion things to do before then. Including finishing up taxes. And he's crabby about it. 

     Okay, maybe I'm crabby about it, too.
    Daughter #1 (yes, she of the running magazine) spent the weekend hunting with her friend, and Daughter #2's boyfriend. And didn't get a thing. (She texted, "Cold!!!! And gameless" --frowny face) 
    Gee. Such monuments of cheerfulness to get me through this gray week. I have work to do, including a job starting shortly at the elections board. It's not difficult. And from working other years, I have this feeling there's going to be an awful lot of just sitting around, waiting for the next item. I'd better bring a book, and something to quilt on. 

When should you start collecting Social Security benefits? (From The Simple Dollar) A reasoned, thoughtful approach to this becoming-ever-more-crucial question.

Four ways to win at Social Security when you finally do start to collect. 

Roger Williams' shorthand is finally cracked. Marginal notes on a book belonging to the founder of Rhode Island, covered with odd symbols, can finally be read.

Those poor squeezed women who just cannot get by on $200,000-plus a year. Awww....

Ten little-known unsolved mysteries. And while we're at it:

Ten little-known celebrity deaths -- that are still unsolved.

Ten photo in totally and often hilariously messed up.

Eleven historical treasures that were misplaced, misidentified...or almost lost. (It's okay -- professionals know about them now.)

The largest Viking treasure ever found in Britain, so far at least. And on the ground of the Church of Scotland near Galloway! (Yes, it's still 'British' technically, not Scotland. Sigh.) Dozens of armbands, a solid silver cross -- and a large pot they haven't even opened yet. Found only a few inches under the surface, by a guy with a metal detector. Wowzers!


Two teenagers who ran away from home to join ISIS, and became poster girls for the movement. And now, they're pregnant and want to come back home. Stupid, stupid. What did they think would happen? (Yet another reminder that kids don't always think about all the consequences.)

The boiling bag. An ode to soup, and the joys of homemade stock, by Donna Freedman.

Still waiting to hear the sales results on Queen Victoria's knickers...but there are more photos here. (They sold Her Majesty's stockings, too!)

The Walking Dead's started up again -- so scary, and dark, that it's actually refreshing! Hey, they have to go through a LOT MORE than you and I ever did.
     Yes, I know it's silly. But I love this show. 

Five ways to collect (for fun and profit) and Retirement: Can You? from yours truly, via Midlife Finance.  Also: Fall-ing into the season. (ways to save and prepare for winter)

Have a good week.

Listen to the (er) Pancake...

It's been gray, gloomy and (a little) rainy all day. 

But hey, who cares when you can eat your music!!

Just when you think everything's been done  --


Oh my...